The activities of the Concept Group cover a wide range of the real estate market, from mechanical/energy systems design to construction and operation, and to facility management and utilization. Our goal is to put our several decades of property market expertise and engineering and technician resources in our member companies at the service of our existing and future clients.

Our guiding principles

innovation · state-of-the-art technology · sustainability · quality

Full implementation of geothermal and other heat pump systems on a residential and industrial scale:
  • Design and manufacture on 3D platform
  • Installation of high tech system components
  • Using innovative working methods and tools
  • Operation with remote and web access
  • Predictive maintenance services
Dimensioning, delivery and operation of premium-category industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems with nationwide coverage:
  • Carrier liquid coolers, heat pumps, air handling units and fan-coil units
  • AlThermo condensers and dry coolers
  • Complex industrial-energy system solutions
  • Design/execution of energy systems
  • Contracted service partner of Tesco’s systems
We provide professional support to designers, contractors and investors for the use of renewable energy:
  • Energy consulting
  • Calculation of returns and concept creation
  • BIM design of heat pump systems
  • Thermal Response Test according to the VDI 4640 standard (TRT),
  • Obtaining approval from the regional mining authority for geothermal drilling
  • Production of thermally enhanced grouting material
  • Modelling and sizing the probe field
As the domestic representative of Europe’s high-tech manufacturers, we provide a full range of service and commercial activities in the field of shallow geothermal and heat pump solutions:
  • Wide range of air and geothermal heat pumps (5-1000 kW)
  • Conventional and special soil probes
  • Chamber manifold product lines
  • Bio anti-freeze liquid developed for geothermal energy
  • Geothermal grouting materials
  • Heat pump engineering and service background
  • Data collection, analysis, monitoring, regulation/control
We operate and, if required, rebuild or renovate our clients’ office buildings and commercial, industrial and residential properties:
  • Facility management and building operation
  • Project management
  • Technology consulting
  • FM and energy audit, creation of sustainable, energy-conscious living spaces
  • Technical and infrastructure operation: cleaning, gardening and security service
Drilling, placement and backfilling of geothermal soil probes based on the specifications:
  • Conventional and coaxial probes
  • Water flushing and air hammer technology
  • High-pressure grouting technology
  • Local or transported mud treatment
  • Mud separation technology