GEORT Mix Premium

The operational prerequisite for ground source heat pump systems is a properly backfilled ground probe with high-quality material. The grouting serves a dual purpose: firstly, it ensures environmental protection by preventing groundwater movement in the borehole due to the low permeability grouting material, thus avoiding the mixing of different depths of water or potential surface contaminants. Secondly, it has economic benefits as the high thermal conductivity of the grouting material reduces borehole resistance, resulting in significantly improved performance of the ground probes. Companies specializing in the construction of high-quality ground probes use thermal grouting material.

To meet this demand, our company offers our own manufactured thermal backfill material under the name GEORT MIX Premium. It is available in bagged form (25 kg) as well as in bulk “Big Bag” packaging (ton).

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Phone number: +36 1 244 8020