Our Geort Mix Premium product wins the Construma Award

Our Geort Mix Premium product is a self-developed borehole-filling material with excellent thermal conductivity properties. When drilling geothermal soil probes, it is important that the probes are surrounded by a material with good thermal conductivity in the borehole – this is achieved by our product. Based on the geological characteristics of Hungary and the surrounding region, we can say that the average thermal conductivity of the first 100m of earth from the surface is significantly lower than that of the Geort Mix Premium filling material. The thermal conductivity determines the extent to which the probe can conduct the earth’s heat to the heating/cooling system. Thus, using Geort Mix Premium we are able to significantly increase the efficiency of the system, since each probe can conduct more heat when surrounded by this material, leading to higher heating and cooling performance.

The product can be added simply and without additional work during drilling.

Further information about our borehole-filling material: